I’ll just stare and hope you’ll care: ’90s-style angst

She: Hey, do you like Dinosaur Jr?
He: Yeah.
She: Cool. Just because they’re playing in Auckland at the end of March, at the Auckland Town Hall, and I was thinking of going up there for it. I’ve been asking around but, like, no one else seems interested. I mean, they’re all like ‘”Get Me” is cool’, but no one wants to actually pay to see them live. So, um, I was wondering if…
He: “You’re Living All Over Me” is the greatest album ever made.
She: Yes! I love “Raisans”!
He: “Tarpit”.
She: So… do you want to…?
He: Sure.
She: Great!
He: And I’ll see if my girlfriend wants to come too.
She: Oh, ok.

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