All the things we should of gotten

One of my Facebook friends suggested that I join the Facebook page for Lone Star, the popular restaurant chain. I’m not sure why she did this, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt and checked it out.

It didn’t appeal to me enough for me to click “like”, but there was something else that caught my eye – this comment from a diner who’d had a few issues:

We just got back from lonestar chch city tonight using grab a meal vocher, also disapointed with our order. We had the voucher for classic ribs and also order the regular rib meal. I got my order, and still 20 mins later my partner was still waiting for his classic ribs. By this time, i had nearly finish my meal with the help of my partner. After asking about my partner meal, we then was told we should of gotten a corona with the meal as well. We were not told this and had already order wine and beer. Got given the corona, which my partner couldnt drink as he had already had a couple of drinks waiting for his meal and didnt want to be over the limit. Once he got his meal it was only the reg ribs, which we wanted the classic as that is what we chose for grab a meal. In the end we didnt even get the right grab a meal.

I love the way she writes. I love the consistencies in spelling and grammar. She should of gotten a nice meal with her partner. Instead she got given late ribs and a useless corona.

This makes me want to read it aloud at a pretentious performance poetry evening.

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