Minutes of the OGB AGM

Note: the Orcon Great Blend was a cool cultural shindig held in 2010. It was announced that tweets with #ogb would be projected on a wall at the event. I was stuck in Wellington and I thought OGB sounded a bit ’90s gangsta (ODB mixed with OG), so I formed a gang. This is what went down.

The following is a performance art presentation, a collaboration between @robyngallagher (ME!!!!) and #ogb

I’m calling to order the annual general meeting of my street gang, the notorious Original Gangsta Bytchyz. We will use the hashtag #ogb

Item 1: Fundraising sausage sizzle for Christchurch. The OGB is veggo – should we use veggie sausagez? What about food milez, yo? #ogb

Item 2: After the successful turf war with the Mt Eden 274, we need another suburban bus route to feud with. #ogb

Item 2 (cont): Suggested Wellington bus route to feud with – Miramar. Goes near Weta – has celeb potential. #ogb

Item 3: Motion to make the Original Gangsta Bull the official beverage of the Original Gangsta Bytchyz. http://bit.ly/a9IlYa #ogb

Item 3: Motion not passed. Official drink will remain as old school Diet Sprite. #ogb

Item 4: Props to the original OGB – Old Government Buildings, largest wooden structure in the Southern Hemisphere. #ogb

Item 4: Props to Todai-ji, the largest wooden building in the world. One day the Original Gangsta Bytchyz will pay respect 2 ur beams. #ogb

Item 5: Motion to get the Feelers to record a theme tune for the OGB, with a bangin’ remix, in time for the Rugby World Cup. #ogb

Item 5: Motion passed. Wait, what? That Feelers theme song thing was a joke! This is a disaster – not gangsta at all 🙁 #ogb

Item 6: Considering a team-building day to focus on maximising interpersonal synergies. I mean, N.O.T.O.R.I.O.U.S. synergies #ogb

Item 7: Let’s take a craft break and make things by cutting up the September issue of Metro and gluing together with sticky tape. #ogb

Item 7 [update]: Have subverted the dominant paradigm by gluing John Banks’ head to @ghetsum’s column. #ogb

Item 8: Concerned that the #nzntm entertainment television programme is drawing away potential members of the Original Gangsta Bytchyz. #ogb

Item 9: Considering fabricating a turf war between rival Wellington farmers’ markets, involving actual turf. Just to be controversial. #ogb

Item 10: Failure of pilot programme means the OGB will not go into drug dealing. Disastrous mixup between hash brownies and hash browns. #ogb

Attention: All 10 items on the agenda have been covered, and Original Gangsta Bytchyz has welcomed many new members tonight. #ogb

So therefore this concludes the Original Gangsta Bytchyz Annual General Meeting for this evening. Chur chur. #ogb


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