Holiday, celebrate

I was sorting through some old emails and found this from 2006. It was a weird sales call that was trying to give me a “free” “holiday”, but hadn’t quite got it right.

Caller: Hello. Is that Eden?
Me: Uh, Mt Eden?
Caller: No, um, I’m calling from [company name] I have this phone number listed by someone who entered a competition.
Me: Ok, that wasn’t me.
Caller: Is this [my phone number]?
Me: Yes.
Caller: Well, someone with that phone number has won a holiday.
Me: Ok, it wasn’t me.
Caller: Look, we’ve got over 2000 holidays to give away. Would you like a holiday?
Me: Not especially. Why don’t you have it?
Caller: I get plenty of holidays through this job. Don’t you want a fantastic holiday?
Me: Um, it sounds like someone else has won this but wrote their phone number down incorrectly. Shouldn’t the prize go to them?
Caller: I have a holiday to give away to you.
Me: Why don’t you see if you can track down who this person is?
Caller: Is your address 298 Mt Eden Road?
Me: Er, no. So why not send a letter to that address and to let the person know they’ve won?
Caller: Ok, so you don’t want the holiday?
Me: No.
Caller: Ok, then. Goodbye.

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