A special poem for all the special princess out there

Girl, you know I’ll treat you like a princess.
I will take you to the paediatric oncology ward to meet little children with cancer, like a princess.
I will arrange for you to open a centre for the homeless, like a princess.
I will give you a guided tour of the local prosthetic limbs centre, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and introduce you to amputees so you can learn how their prosthetics have changed their lives, like a princess.
I will show you around the new drug rehabilitation facility and let you hear stories from former addicts who have turned their lives around, like a princess.
I will introduce you to a choir of children from an inner-city school, including refugee orphans from war-torn countries, like a princess
And, girl, when you cry, I will not dry your tears. Instead your lady-in-waiting will do that because you deserve to be treated like a princess.

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