Fear of a city apartment

A recent Stuff article details exactly what is wrong with young New Zealanders:

The greatest fear for young New Zealanders is the prospect of living in a city apartment, a United Nations survey has found.

Eight thousand people aged 18 to 35 in 20 countries were interviewed about their hopes and fears, but young Kiwis were the only ones to list a city apartment as a major fear.

The New Zealanders were asked to name their worst fear, with 34 per cent of respondents fearing city apartment living, 28 per cent fearing a loss of autonomy and 16 per cent fearing financial insecurity.

[Canterbury University academic Bronwyn] Hayward said young people feared apartment living because it would cut them off from outdoor pursuits.

Young people of New Zealand, here’s the trick with inner-city apartment living: you leave the house. No one’s making you stay indoors all the time. If you want to kick a hacky sack around, you physically leave the house and go down the road to the local park and do it there.

It’s just like living in the suburbs, except there’s probably a bit more of a walk to the local park than to your theoretical suburban backyard, only city streets are generally a more interesting to walk along.

The article concludes:

“When we presented these findings in Egypt, they said they would love to live in a country where the worst fear was being forced to live in an apartment,” she said.

Count your blessings.

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