The night visitor

vintage-birth-controlMr Stork: Hello, lady! I have babby 4 u!
Miss Lady: Shoo, Mr Stork! Shoo! Shoo!
Mr Stork: But lady, I have delivery of teh babby 4 u!
Miss Lady: I said shoo, Mr Stork! I am not wanting babbies in my modern inner-city apartment!
Mr Stork: But lady, I fly all the way here from babbyland and boy are my wings tired!
Miss Lady: Oh, now look, Mr Stork. My boyfriend, of whom I first met last night at Studio 54, has come to shoo you away too!
Mr Stork: But lady, your bf will surely make for a great daddy. He will raise this babby like it were his own and not that of which is fashioned from the noble seed of Mick Jagger.
Miss Lady: Oh, I suppose you’re right. Ok, drop it here. I will fashion a crib out of the steamer trunk I keep my marijuana in.

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