Double bummer

I had a Double Down today. I was disappointed.

I wasn’t expecting an exquisite cuisine experience, but more like an “OMG so bad it’s good!!!” fun time.

Instead I got a couple of KFC chicken breasts with a bit of melty cheese, a bit of bacon and some sauce. It was too salty and just didn’t feel balanced enough to enjoy as a whole.

KFC have lots of stuff on their menu that isn’t bad. I certainly wouldn’t say no to a Zinger Works burger and/or some potato and gravy. Yeah, it turns out that buns and salad have an important role to play in the fast food world.

The Double Down doesn’t even work as a decadent treat. It might work if you plated it with some coleslaw and potato and gravy, but then you’d just end up with something looking like a meal and without the “Oooh! Burger made of meat!” thrill.

If I want some crazy fast food, I will get a Big Mac and maybe one of those deep fried cinnamon donuts that fish and chip shops do.

But I’m leaving the Double Down for drunkards and teenage gamers.

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