Justice for Princess

In New Zealand law, it’s illegal for a person to have a name that is a royal or significant title. I believe this restriction came about after an unsavoury fellow changed his first name to “Sir”, but it now means that there are to be no kids with names like Sir, Bishop, Majesty or Constable.

The two most rejected names are Princess and Justice. The blocking of Princess is particularly annoying because are evidently no such restrictions in the United Kingdom, a land of actual princesses. Katie Price happily named her daughter Princess. Realistically, no one is ever going to mistake Princess Andre-Price for a legitimate royal, ruling over the duchy of Andre-Price.

And would a little boy named Justice Watkins be mistaken for a District Court judge? No, he wouldn’t, because people are smart and they can figure things out from context. The law assumes that everyone who wants to give their kid a title name is doing so to trick people. But if a woman can be named Queenie, why can’t her granddaughter be named Princess?

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