A good day

In account of Ice Cube’s “good day” being scientifically determined to be January 20 1992, I dug out my diary from that year and realised that that day was also a good day for me – I went to Surfer’s Paradise for a family holiday:

7.10am I’m getting ready to leave at 7.45. How unexciting!

I’ve always time-logged notes like this on holiday, starting on a family holiday to Napier when I was 10.

9.31am In the car park at Manukau city. Mark & Kim on the Radio.

Mark and Kim were the breakfast DJs on some Auckland radio station. I was utterly obsessed with Auckland radio, so this was a big deal for me.

12.32pm (Oz time) I’m flying over the Pacific/Tasman sea. Wow! 540mph, 39,000 feet or 868km/h, 11,890 metres.

The “wow!” – that’s sarcasm. I’m appalled at how much sarcasm I used when I was a teen.

2.50pm Going to Surfers. If we need a comfort stop he’ll “pull into a servo”. Right on.

This was the driver of the shuttle taking us from the airport to the hotel. I was tickled by his use of the Australian diminutive “servo” for service station. Also the “right on” is more sarcasm.

4.20pm I’m in our room. It’s pretty ok. More details later!

From memory, it was a two- or maybe even three-bedroom apartment. The decor was a bit old, but it was in a good location and very spacious. When I said “more details later”, I obviously meant 20 years later.

8.00pm We went to McD’s then to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Odditorium. It was v. good. The see-through tongue rolling mirror and the “rocking” tunnel was the best. Now I’m watching TOTALLY HIDDEN VIDEO (sux sh*t!)

I’m not sure what Surfers Paradise is like now, but back then it felt a little faded, like somewhere that had been glorious 10 years ago and now needed a lick of paint. Also note how late it was – all the attractions were open at night, on a Monday. We were very close to the Grundy’s Entertainment Centre, where I played a lot of skeeball.

Also, note the capitals for the TV show “Totally Hidden Video”. Back then for a few months I capitalised all titles, like one of those film geeks on Twitter.

10.53pm Me and Rick have just gone swimming and we now have gone to separate bed. It’s pretty good here BUT my feet are SO sore. I wonder what we will to TOMORROW. My hair will look thoroughly shitless.

Lolz, once there was a time when I went swimming! Also note that I went to “separate bed” with my brother. Obviously I anticipated a time in the future when a stranger would be reading this and therefore did not want to give the impression that any weird incesty stuff was happening.

I’m not sure what I meant by my hair looking “shitless”, but I think this meant good – the opposite of shitty. I used to tie my hair back when it was wet so it would dry straight (kids, this was a time before GHDs). I had recently put some golden sunshine bleachy spray in my hair in an attempt to look like Kelly from Beverley Hills 90210, and a couple of days into this holiday I was shocked to notice roots growing through. I had no idea bleachy spray was that powerful.

Also, I didn’t even have to use my AK.

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