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I read Steve Braunias’ rather good book Civilisation: Twenty Places on the Edge of the World, a road trip around more unconventional New Zealand destinations. And as I read each chapter, I wanted to experience more of the destinations. I was too lazy to go outside, so I used the power of Google Street View.

Sometimes I clicked around picturesque streets, other times I was faced with fuzzy old low-rest pics. Sometimes I was faced with timeless landscapes, other times it was an old photo of a scene long since changed.

Here are highlights from the pixelly journey around New Zealand, from a coastal dirty road in Hicks Bay to a Mormon church in the middle of nowhere. Also contains penguins, a campervan, tourists and a corner shop.


  1. I immediately recognise my town :-)

  2. I borrowedthe book at the Library, it’s another great armchair travel teaser. Thanks for writing about it :-)

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