Cruel winter

1. Norti by nature

I stumbled across this Christchurch street scene on Google Street View. At first I thought someone had hilariously vandalised the sign, then I realised it was done by a Google algorithm when it joined together shots from two different cameras.


2. The bubble

Lorde recently did a Ask Me Anything on Reddit. While it was going on I was browsing through the questions and noticed this one, which made me smile:

So I took a screen shot and tweeted it. And then my tweet was retweeted and retweeted and it’s now been retweeted 76 times. With this came replies, which weren’t specifically directed to me, but I got them all because my name was in the original tweet.

At first things were funny (“face palm!”) but as the retweets moved from friends to friends of friends and beyond, they started to become political and angry and abusive towards Americans. The weirdest reply was someone who was trying to say “No Child Left Behind? My arse!” but wrote the significantly different “No child left behind my arse.”

Maybe we’re just all going a bit bananas from this scorching hot New Zealand winter heat.

3. Olde Zealand

The British Library has uploaded over one million images to its Flickr account, scans from old books in its collection. So I did what any good New Zealander would do. I searched the archive for “New Zealand”.

Much of the images come from 19th century books that examined this strange new country, a world of volcanic landscapes, fossilised giant birds, strange insects, and brown people who look a bit like white people. Here are but a few photos from the collection.

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