Spicks and specks

As I write this, I am severely sleep deprived. This is as a result of having to look after Princess Min-Minnz for the past week. She is an elderly cat (18 – old enough to vote, drink and own semi-automatic firearms) who spends most of the time sleeping, except at various times of the night. Because she’s old, she can’t run off and look after herself, so she requires assistance. So much assistance. I wonder, is this sleep-deprived zombie state the same sort of thing that my friends with babies keep moaning about? But then, I guess you can’t shut a baby out on the deck once the sun comes up.

Because of this situation, I am too tired and uninspired to manage any sort of coherent or entertaining year-in-review post. I tried writing something and it read like a police statement. In July the witness saw the film Sheen of Gold at the Auckland film festival. She described it as “really good”.

Pft. Who needs words? Instead here are some Instagram photos I’ve taken over the year:

And here is my favourite moment from 2013, stopping by the Bee Gees Walk in Redcliffe, the small Queensland town where the Gibb brothers grew up. The town figured it ought to commemorate its most famous ex-residents and so transformed a gap between two buildings into the Bee Gees Walk. There’s a statue of the trio as boys, but this “Spicks and Specks” era mural of the bros was my favourite part of the experience. And Barry Gibb is a spunk.


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