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Les chansons françaises

In the (epic, three-month) lead-up to the Eurovision Song Contest, I’ve started checking out the contenders in the running to represent their nation in Copenhagen in May. One of the three acts facing the public vote in France is the hip hop/pop/rock/electronica/woteva trio Twin Twin, with their super catchy song “Moustache”. The lyrics are mostly in French, but it’s basically about a person who has a good life but feels a deep emptiness and frustration at not having a moustache. (There are times in my life where I have genuinely felt like this.)

I’ve also been snooping around Twin Twin’s YouTube account and found a series of videos they’ve made with songs written about and in the style of various genres of popular music. There’s jazz, K-pop, reggae, rap, new wave, and of course la chanson français. They’re all really cool and really clever – and educational!

I’m going to embed the video for the least well known genre – la French touch (or la touche française). It’s what is also known as French house, with Daft Punk being the best known purveyors.

As with all these videos, the lyrics are in French, but it’s mostly a roll call of artists, and the lyrics are subtitled in French, so it’s easy enough to figure out what’s going on. I think there might be some swearing, but it’s in French, so you don’t need to worry about fainting with shock or anything.

Neighbours’ neighbours

The suburban cul-de-sac of Pin Oak Court in South Vermont, Melbourne has a pretty good gig. Since 1985 it’s provided the exterior shots of Ramsay Street, the heart of the long-running soap Neighbours.

I was looking at it on Street View and it’s ridiculously thrilling to see all those familiar houses, just hanging out in suburban Victoria. Hey, Kylie Minogue spent a good part of her teens hanging out here!

But more interesting were the neighbouring streets, four other similar cul-de-sacs – Patio Court, Mann Gum Court, White Ash Court and Coral Court. They look similar to Pin Oak Court – same style of houses and trendy 1970s shrubs – but the non-celeb streets have a slight shabbiness to them. Or rather, trees are allowed to obscure houses, Christmas lights are allowed to be left up, the grass verges can have daisies and front gardens can run a bit wild.

Summertime radness

Hey, it’s summer! I’ve discovered my tolerance level of the heat: 26 degrees celcius. If it’s lower than that, I’m like, “Wahey! It’s summer! Hot hot hot! [icon of smiling sun wearing cooldude sunglasses]” But once it gets to 26, I cannot function. The heat drags me down and I start wondering if it would be ok to eat a frozen pizza without defrosting it. Or if it would be possible to live in an igloo. Then I start wondering how practical it would be to build a giant cannon to destroy the sun and/or live deep in a cave with moss as my only friend. And then I start thinking about Vanilla Ice and it all goes bad. [icon of snowman wearing cooldude sunglasses]

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