Airport 2008

I had a 9am flight (a business trip!), and I had booked a taxi for 7.45 which, according to the taxi driver, was more time than I really needed. Except when the taxi got to Hillsborough, suddenly the traffic got slow and dense. He tried another side street, and then discovered there’d been a crash on the Mangere Bridge, but in the city-bound lane, which didn’t seem like it would hold up traffic going away from the airport.

I was a bit worried I might be late and miss my flight, or at least my check-in time, but the driver assured me he’d get me there on time.

After negotiating through the back streets of Onehunga, which were also chocker with traffic, we finally got on to the motorway. The accident had just been cleared and the city-bound lanes were slowly starting to move again. There was no logical reason for the airport-bound lanes to be slow. I can only conclude that it was a result of lookie-loos.

And true to his word, the driver got me to the airport in time for my flight.

But while I was ready to board my plane, it wasn’t ready for me. Thick fog had closed Auckland Airport to morning flights. The check-in area was full of people, laden with bags, wondering what they were going to do.

Play misty for me

Ah, the fog. I’d noticed Mount Eden had been rendered invisible by it yesterday, and I hoped it wouldn’t cause trouble today. Cos everyone knows that delayed or cancelled flights cause trouble. People get angry and yell and throw stuff, right?

Well, here’s the great thing – everyone was cool about it. The Air New Zealand staff kept everyone informed, handed out snacks and water. Passengers figured out where they were supposed to go. I saw no one conforming to the stereotype of the angry, yelling passenger.

Some of the earlier flights had been canceled, but my lazy-ass 9am flight wasn’t and eventually it was called for boarding. I arrived in Wellington a couple of hours later than planned, but still where I needed to be.

Sydney Ii

I’m at Sydney airport playing the fun game where I get to find out which keys on the internet kiosk’s keyboard are sticky and remember to hit them harder as I type. (At least it’s not covered in beer like the one next door).

I’m all tired and operating totally on traveller autopilot.

Earlier today I went to the Brett Whiteley Studio – yes, my new favourite artist has a gallery/museum dedicated to him. I’d still be there, if I had my way. After that I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art, which I always visit when I’m in Sydney (I dunno, it just seemed to have worked out that way).

I keep forgetting to eat and will be wandering along the street, wondering why I feel all faint and funny. Yeah, so much for fulfilling any idea of a mad Sydney shopping spree when I can’t even to remember to buy food. But I do heartily recommend Red Rock Deli lime and black pepper chips. I’m sitting right next to a vending machine that sells them and I feel the love, man.

Ok, I must go and look at duty-free stuff or whatever, man.

Lovely Thai ladies

OMFG. I have to spend 12 hours at Bangkok airport until my flight leaves. Of course it happens like that. I spent the last week bitching about the 24 hours of travel required, so it doesn’t surprise me that fate (or my travel agent) has whacked on another 12 hours.

Of course I would have known this if I had bothered to look at my ticket and/or itinerary. But it was hard enough getting to Heathrow on time. I think there might be rooms for rent here so I could possibly use the time constructively by sleeping.

How much is a baht worth, anyway?