After the gig last night Mr Eddie Hodad, Mr Otis Uh! and Gaz, Nik and myself went to Mr Hank Special’s pad. Dirk Thrust did not join us.

Here is a story:

Ok, there’s this guy. He’s been in a few bands – one of them was with my old boss, many years ago. He does a lot of experimental noise stuff. Lots of feedback and loops, samples, that sort of shit, uh, thing. I think American college radio nerds like him. His flatmate came home one day and found a guitar resting against an amp with a steady stream of feedback coming out of the amp, while the musician was otherwise occupied in the kitchen, cooking tea. So the flatmate turned off the amp. Then the musician guy comes out and was like “hey, why’d you do that! I was recording a track for my new album!”

Ah, something like that. I was funnier last night after I’d had a few beers.

I’m thinking about going to the Breeders show in Wellington. Paselode are the support act!

When I came home my flatmate’s bed was gone. In its place were three cheap porno mags. Is this a fair trade?