Back on the Euro

I spent the last couple of days in two small Irish towns, Rathfriland and Enniskillen. These were only visited because some of my ancestors used to live there. Having visited these places I now understand why they left. Boring little village, boring little town. Then there was the potato incident, of which we shall not speak.

Today I visited Newgrange, which is a 5000-year-old burial chamber on a hill. On the winter solstice the sun shines directly in it. I got all claustrophobicish and didn’t like being in it.

But now I’m in Eire, Dublin to be precise. It’s really choice here. There’s a McDonald’s and a movie theatre. The Guinness factory tour awaits, as does the Oscar Wilde and James Joyce places.

Oh yes, for all interested parties, I shall be going to London on Saturday and leaving the following Thursday.

And how about those changes to the Commonwealth working visa thing? Now the age limit has been extended to 30, so I could do the big OE thing after all. And I could work in my profession (whatever that is).