Gardez l’eau

ITEM: I finally got around to watching “The Lost Boys”. When it came out in 1987, I was far too young and girly to see it (“The Labyrinth”, yes. Hot teen vampires, no).

Highlights included:

  • When Corey and Corey’s characters meet for the first time. Their eyes lock over a rack of comic books. Magic!
  • Jason Patric’s hotness.
  • The rockstar mullets of the vampires, which surely were done so they look even more outstanding when they’re hanging upside down.
  • All the vampire deaths are really awesome.

Actually, I should perhaps not post this and pretend that I’d seen “The Lost Boys” back in the day. Yeah, I wagged school snuck into the Embassy theatre. That’s it.

ITEM: At the moment the Disruptiv gallery is showing a selection of works designed to be added to “No Nuclear Fire For Amber” and pals on the VAANA mural. A number of local artists have been asked to come up with some new panels with an anti-nuclear theme, and six will be added to the mural. There are some quite good ones in the mix, and I’m glad to see aerosol art is being included this time around. This is because I am street.

ITEM: If you are making a television news story on South Auckland gangs and you want to make a point about the influence of Los Angeles gang culture on South Auckland youths, please be sure to use a video clip that is at least 15 years old, preferably something by NWA. Everyone knows that teenz are most influenced by the music that was in the charts when they were born. After all, my life is defined by the music of Gary Glitter, the Osmonds and the Wombles.

Excuse me while I kiss this guy

I just was listening to Dr Dre’s 1992 gangsta rap masterpiece, “The Chronic”. Now, I’ve listened to it a number of times and thought I knew it pretty well. Heh.

So along came track four, “The Day the Niggaz Took Over”. There’s a line in it that goes, “Got myself an Uzi, and my brother a 9.” Except that prior to this evening – for well over a decade – I thought the line went, “Got myself an Uzi, and my brother a nun.”

Really. Really, truly. I thought that’s how it went.

It doesn’t make sense. Why would the brother of a ruthless criminal gangsta villain have a nun and not a 9mm gun? If the Niggaz were going to take over, it would make sense to arm themselves, not nun themselves.

God, it’s going to take a lot of effort to not automatically associate nuns with gangstas any more.