Shining, not raining

I went to the Grey Lynn Park Festival yesterday. It didn’t rain, which is a remarkable achievement. Nice one, the weather.

The park was full of people and entertainment, but in a way there was nothing special. A lot of it is the same sort of stuff that is found at other festivals and market days.

My favourite thing was finding a stall that had a number of people I’d seen at the last Craftwerk I went to, including the DIY badge-making lady. Among the badge-making materials was a copy of the Alphabetical Spelling List book, a classic New Zealand primary school textbook. In that, next to the entry for “no” was a bracketed example that provided me with an ideal badge material:

No good

I had a nice time. It was a lovely sunny day, and the park was full of happy people, from Grey Lynn teen gangs to young mothers to dudes with Movember moustaches to little kids running around.

More photos can be found by clicking on this lady:

Stylish lady

The days are lit like everyone

My feet hurt. Actually my legs hurt. Well, come to think of it, my entire body aches. Ah, the Grey Lynn Park Festival.

I’ve lived in Grey Lynn twice and on both occasions I never went to the festival, but this year, yo, I made the effort.

I arrived just in time to see the WBC playing on the main stage. They had expertly picked their set list to have lots of laid back, more reggae-ish songs for the, hey man, chilled out Saturday late morning audience. But there were also a few more lively tunes, to which the hardcore w00da fans got up and skanked too. But the end of the set there were even little kids joining in.

The festival was massive. There were plenty of stalls selling interesting stuff (and very few selling cheap crap). I got a good lunch from the Western Springs High School stand, of a chicken pita, homemade lemonade and a strawberry and marshmallow kebab for a mere $7. Rockin’.

At one point I walked past the smaller stage for local talent. There was a group of young girls dancing to Chingy’s “Right Thurr”. Seeing these little girls dancing to such a suggestive song reminded me of Sparkle Motion from “Donnie Darko”, only without the cool costumes, and with their choreographer coming on stage and giving the lost ones directions.

I was accosted by two separate guys wanting me to sign a petition for their cause. One was the “Free Ahmed Zaoui!” thing, and the other was the “Bring democracy to Burma!” deal. The Burma guy was particularly intense. I wasn’t even walking near the stand, when he ran over and told me about how his people were suffering. Oh well. It’s a good cause. (I saw it in that U2 video).

I gave $2 to these guys busking. They were playing instrumental versions of songs on a guitar and an amplified violin. There was a slight comedy flavour to it, but I was impressed by their version of Green Day’s “Hitchin’ a Ride”.

Much scouring of the stalls lead me to a bag, a little ceramic decor thing of a shell, and, oh, I also appear to have joined the Auckland Uni Hispanic club.

I have the rudest sunburn on my arms. Instead of some sort of uniform pinkness, I have this weird blotchiness on about half of the back of my hands and about half of the top of my forearms. I think this may have come from lazy sunscreen application. Welcome to summer.