Smile for the camera

I really dislike group photos – the kind where someone says, “Everyone gather together and we’ll all take a photo!” And then there’s camera swapping to ensure that everyone has their own version of everyone else standing around.

I was at my uncle’s 70th birthday party a few months ago and a large portion of the party seemed to be dedicated to herding everyone together, posing people in various combinations and taking photos to prove that, yes, on Saturday 5 April 2007, Robyn, Jeremy, Jane and Richard were all seated together on a couch in Waipu Cove, staring at a camera.

The group photo seems like a throwback to film cameras, where film, processing and printing cost money, so it was more economical to gather everyone together for one (1) group photos rather than taking multiple photos of people at the event.

I’m all about capturing the spontaneous mood of an event, as it naturally unfolds, rather than pushing everyone into a corner and demanding that they smile.

But down at the much more fun side of photography, my Moo StickerBook arrived today! OMG!

Moo specialise in making cool things from Flickr photos, and have just started making these sticker books. Now that I have a fat book of 90 stickers, I can dot the streets of Auckland with the little vinyl squares of my photographic works.

Moo sticker book

Moo stickers