Happy! New! Yeah!

Every year around December 31, there used to be an avalanche of tweets from people declaring that year to have been so shit, good riddance to it, and bring on the new year.

This year, however, there has been a distinct lack of those tweets.

I suspect this is because 2011 has been a dramatic, eventful and sometimes tragic year. No one wants to be the drama queen/king who declares 2011 to be the worst year ever, only to have someone say, “Yeah, well you’re lucky. My wife was killed in the earthquake.”

Christchurch people seem to be counting their blessings and not solely dwelling on the destruction of the quake.

In shit times, we don’t have the luxury of wallowing in misery. 2011 is the year that gave everyone perspective on how good we’ve really got it.

Happy new year, y’all!