Pop a cap in yo’ remix

What happened to the remix? I remember back in the day when a remix just meant a regular song with different music or beats. But now remixes are almost different songs all together. Like, why do a cover of an old Phil Collins song when you can rewrite one of your own songs a couple of months after it’s first released.

Fo’ example. R. Kelly has this song called “Ignition” which is a slow R&B jam using the car as a metaphor for sexual activity, but at the same time describing sexual activity in a car. At the end of this song is a preview of the alleged remix, which was in turn released as a single which everyone knows and loves. It’s the freakin’ weekend and everyone’s forgotten about Mr Kelly’s underage misadventures.

Which leads me (via the remix route, not the underage route) to the Aaliyah song “Miss You”, a slow soul ballad about missing someone who’s gone away (Or is dead, maybe. Possibly Tupac. Maybe she’s missing herself from beyond the grave. I dunno, I can’t be bothered looking up the lyrics). Anyway, there’s a remix of it with Jay Z rapping all around it and in one point he gives a shout out to what sounds like “soldiers and soul jets”. It took me a while before I realised that it was soldiette, i.e. a lady soldier. It’s cool when rappers talk about “niggers and niggettes”, but when a girl has a gun, cutesyfying her role with an -ette is possibly not a wise move.