Show us ya tits, luv

It turns out that my internet connection problems were caused by version 10.2.4 of OS X, and could be solved by downloading version 10.2.5. Of course, when you’re having trouble connecting to the net, downloading 40 megs is difficult. I’m assuming Apple won’t do anything as diabolical as this again.

It was the last session of MCC. Well, there are monthly meetings until February, but it’s the end of the weekly sessions. We went around in a circle and said nice things about everyone. It was going well until someone described someone else as being sexy, which opened up comments about appearance. Most of the time it was stuff like “you’re beautiful – on the outside and on the inside”, but it reached its nadir when it was my turn to be complimented. One fellow said he found my body really attractive.

And that’s all he talked about, he just sat there, with his black leather shoes and white gym socks, talking about how attractive my body was, totally omitting to comment on anything on the inside. I think for the first time in my life I felt objectified. It was like the times when I used to work near the District Court and I’d walk past and there’d be some dodgy old men who’d make a comment on my boobs. Yuck.

Tomorrow I will spring clean because, y’know, it’s spring in the northern hemisphere.