Poynton south left

I never really used to be into graffiti much. I couldn’t differentiate between some angry 14-year-old tagging a bus stop and someone like Askew doing a really awesome piece. But one day a few years ago, Dylz introduced me to Askew (and told me his terrible, terrible secret from the dark history of TV3) and I slowly started paying attention to the graffiti that I saw on the streets.

This year I started to notice the two walls on the corner of Poynton Terrace and Pitt Street. I walk past them most days on the way to work, and one day I photographed all the pieces that were up on the walls.

Then I noticed one part of the wall – furthest from the street – was being graffitied over rather frequently. So far I have five different photo starting from March this year. It’s interesting seeing how the pieces evolve, how elements of the old pieces are incorporated into the new ones.

I also learned how to take better photos of graffiti. Some guy in America messaged me on Flickr and asked me to take photos front-on – no wacky “I’m making art with art!!!” angles.

So here are the five stages of the left side of the south wall of Poynton Terrace.

Poynton Terrace graffiti - south side

Poynton Terrace graffiti - south side

Hustler's Ambition

Hustler's Ambition update

Poynton South Left

Gang warfare

Regular readers will know that I belong to a bad-ass gang, the N.O.T.O.R.I.O.U.S. 630, who roam the streetz of Mt Eden doing bad-ass things like asking for a plastic fork from the kebab place, even though the kebab guy knows we’re going to eat our felafel on rice at home and that we have our own forks there.

But the trouble is, no one else has actually joined my gang. I’ve held several recruitment drives, but it seems that Edenites are too busy going for power walks with their pushchairs and dogs to want to join my gang. WTF?

Anyway, my gang is called the N.O.T.O.R.I.O.U.S. 630 after the first three digits of Mt Eden phone numbers. This was pioneered by the good people of South Auckland, who took 275, the first three digits of most phone numbers in the area, as a symbol of pride. After all, it wasn’t too long ago that residents of a posh housing development wanted different phone numbers lest their friends think they lived in Otara.

So when it came to naming my gang, it seemed natural to call it after the 630 of Mt Eden.

Well, apparently I was wrong.

This morning I caught sight of some stencilling that that been sprayed down an alley. It was surprised and delighted to see that it read:

Mt Eden 274

That’s right – 274. It’s a devious bus-going gang.

274 is the number of the Three Kings to Britomart bus that travels the whole length of Mt Eden Road, taking people to and from the city.

There’s actually a 275 bus (which starts at the Roskill bus depot), and also a 273, (which starts from Balmoral Road) 277 (which starts in Waikowhai, and I do not know where that is), and – my favourite – the 270 (which starts at Mt Eden village at peak times, so it’s always empty).

So as there now appears to be a pro-public transport gang in the 630, I think I might have to retire my gang. I trust that the Mt Eden 274 will continue to keep it real.