It’s a hardknock life

The guy at the outdoor equipment store was very nice. He had a hickey on his neck. He gave me a brochure about tents.

There was a special bonus session of the Mind Control Cult today, but I didn’t know (I forgot to check my phone messages), so I missed out. Instead I did my laundry and looked at tents.

I have plans for travel. It’s nice to be able to write that.

Oh, I was stressing earlier because all my files disappeared off my computer. Just bit by bit stuff wasn’t there, then I restarted and it all wasn’t there and it had reverted to the default set-up. After freaking out for a bit I discovered that the folder with all my files had been mysteriously moved to a different location. I moved it back and everything was sweet.

The interesting thing is as soon as I mentioned that I’d been having trouble, a fellow in the (non computer related) IRC channel I was complaining in, immediately started blaming Apple/iBook/OS X, and said I was probably used to it fucking up all the time. Er, no, it’s never fucked up before, and the problem wasn’t unique to having an Apple. I dislike pro-Windows fascist pigs. I used Windows for at least six years and I don’t hate it, but I prefer my Mac.

Actually, I hate all computers equally.