omg ur nickd sunshyn lol

You know there’s that cliche about how you know you’re getting older when policemen start looking younger? Well, not so long ago I had an experience that was that cliche come to life in horrifying proportions.

I was walking along Hobson Street, near the Auckland Central Police Station. Walking towards was a uniformed cop. I glanced at him. He looked about 19. I chuckled at the cliche. But then it got worse.

The cop had a cellphone in his hand and he was texting as he was walking. Not only that, but he was doing that little smile when you read a teh funny text in public but you don’t want to laugh too much.

He didn’t look at all look like a serious officer of the law going about his business. He had the demeanour of a teenager on his way to his McDonald’s shift, texting his girlfriend to see wot she woz up 2 l8r that day.

I tried to imagine what sort of text messages a cop of today would be sending on his way to work, but I gave up after my imagination started to horrify me.

But every cop has to start somewhere. No doubt in years to come he’ll have a fine moustache and be out there busting up P rings with finesse. (omg i busted up a p ring lol!!! yay me!!!)