Running from the wedding

The wedding reception/cocktail party was cool. After briefly having a social anxiety moment and deciding that I would stay at home and clean my bathroom rather than going, I ended up teaming up with another friend who was going through exactly the same crap. Yay for social anxiety!

So we showed up. It was held at a bar down by the waterfront that overlooked the harbour and a bunch of apartments. There was free brooze. Chur. The bride may have been very drunk, or she may just be like that all the time. I’ve only met her once before, so it was hard to tell. There were speeches. An ex-girlfriend yelled out something. It was briefly moving and touching and all that, but my friend and I ended up speculating on how long it would last.

Not that we specifically thought their marriage was doomed, it’s just that I only know a couple of people my age who are married, but a know a whole lot more who are divorced. A few get engaged then break up, but most couples just seem to stay together until they get sick of each other. How very modern.

The wedding cake was chocolate, which is very pleasing because I’m not much of a fan of the old fruit cake. (Dammit, I should have taken a slice home and squished it under my pillow so I could dream of my future husband.)

There was a bit of talk about how the wedding wasn’t traditional, but it was actually very traditional. The little details within the wedding may have been updated, but the basic traditional wedding template was exactly what it is for most weddings. Just because you get married on a beach instead of a church, or have a DJ instead of an old lady at an organ, it doesn’t mean you’re breaking new wedding ground. Not that there’s anything wrong with ye olde wedding

After the reception we went to Burger King and continued bitching about weddings.

I bought some running shoes a couple of days ago. It’s the first pair of proper running shoes I’ve ever had (having previously gone for cross-trainers). They fit superbly well and support all the mutant parts of my feet. I’m going to do Round The Bays, and I want to run as much of it as I can. So today at the gym I did a solid ten minutes of running on a treadmill. This is good because running has always been really hard for me. Now I have one less excuse.