Walking to work on Tuesday, I witnessed a truck hit a car. I don’t know what caused it to happen, but the truck, travelling in the right lane of two oncoming lanes, managed to side into a sports car in the left lane. The sports car hit a parked car, which hit the car in front of it, and that hit the car in front of it.

The first reaction came from a man who had been queuing at a nearby ATM. He clapped and said “Good one, guys.” That kind of reaction is appropriate when someone falls off a chair at school, but when there’s a woman sitting in a car with a truck smashed into it, it’s just dumb.

I went over to see if she was ok. She didn’t respond. I call 111 and reported the accident. Before any emergency services turned up, a large crowd gathered around the car. Everyone wanted to help in some way.

It was weird, almost vicious in the way that everyone seemed to want to help the woman out of the car. People were almost fighting to be the most helpful.

A teller from a nearby bank took her into the bank and sat her down. Soon ambulance, police and fire people came. I stuck around, thinking they might want to talk to me as I was right there when it happened, but no one seemed interested.

A guy with a mullet made a lengthy statement to some police officers. I said “I was right here when it happened. I saw it all,” to which mullet man replied, “Yes, I know.” Thank you, Self-Appointed Citizen Policing Unit Mullet Man.

The truck moved on, and tow trucks moved in to tow the car away. The woman whose car had been hit by the sports car was on the phone, “Hi, I’m going to be in a bit later today. I was at the Post Office and my car got hit by another car.”

I left the scene of the accident and walked on.

It was a very odd thing to witness, and it left me feeling surprisingly empty. Car crashes are boring to watch.

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