Viva el revolucion!

In a perfect world, the ugly hodogs would be the ones finding the golden Craig David CDs.

Fashion Tip: If you are fat, you should not wear black mesh clothing. By fat I’m not talking about medical definitions. I mean fat as in “OMG, I ate two muffins. I am such a fat cow!” – the internal body police. Don’t wear black mesh. It never looks good on fat girls.

I’m going to Hammo tonight. I’m going to hang out with a bunch of girls I went to school with. Only they’re not not girls anymore – they’re mothers. Not “baaaad mutha” mothers, but “got pregnant, had a kid” mothers. I’m the odd one out.

Is it better to make a lot of varied new years resolutions and end up maybe only sticking with one or two, or to make only a few resolutions, but to make the effort and stick with them? Or should we just forget about resolutions and start a revolution?

OMG! The Justin Timberlake is on TV! So, so, so hot.

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