09, feelin’ fine

I’m back in 09, yo. Nothing seems to have happened since I’ve been away.

I should mention that I found the coolest bag today. It’s been my year-long mission ever since my current bag started needing bits of duct tape to hold it together. I spent many hours looking for a bag when I was in England and Ireland. I’d spent about two hours bag search and I was heading back up George Street to get the train to the airport. Then I saw the Mooks store and remembered that Mooks do quite cool bags, I walked in, saw the bag of my dreams, it was $60, I bought and I’m so glad.

Ok, here are some photos from my recent adventures.

1. This is from the MC battle in Newcastle. It was open to anyone, so these two fellows entered and after the preliminary solo round they were paired up to face off each other. The guy in the South Park t-shirt (who wasn’t wearing any shoes) had walked off during his first go, but had come back for more. The fellow in the waistcoat did lots of leaping about the stage and high kicks. He was late to the second round because he was apparently out in the park getting high. These two guys battled each other and it was way more entertaining than many of the serious MCs. The audience was divided as to who the winner was. Three out of five judges were in favour of the waistcoat guy, so he won, but really, they were both winners. Yay!


2. This is me posing in the Pompadour Room in the State Theatre. It’s a very extravagantly decorated ladies powder room. There’s that wallpaper with the gold background and furry red shapes, gold and red all over the place. The best thing about it is that the room, like all the ladies powder rooms in the State, is only accessible from inside the theatre auditorium itself. So I guess the idea is that if you’re in the middle of a particularly thrilling film and you find your nose getting shiny, you can quickly pop off and powder it without missing much of the film.

Robyn poses

3. This is an art work from the State Theatre. It’s found in the art gallery on the gods level. Back when the theatre was being built an art competition was held so part of the gallery is filled with all this really excellent Australian art work, but then on the wall just inside the door I saw this and I knew it was better than all the other art works put together.


4. This is me sitting at a picnic table in Manly looking out at the ocean beach. I was really just mucking around with the auto-timer on my camera (said the bored housewife to her internet boyfriend) and I really liked the composition in this one.

Robyn and the little people

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