Du jour

When I was in London I was walking down Fleet Street on a Sunday afternoon and I was amazed at how quiet it was. There was hardly anyone around. It was liked Hamilton on a Sunday, back in the ’80s before Sunday trading started. I remember thinking that New Zealand was so much cooler because all the shops were open on Sundays.

Then today I was in and around Queen Street and remembered that, actually, it’s only really places like malls that are open on Sundays (and public holidays like today) and that Queen Street gets just as quiet and empty as Fleet Street.

I went to the Auckland Art Gallery and the New Gallery, both of which had free admission. I mostly looked at “Flaunt,” an exhibition about clothes and stuff. It was ok, but, um, kinda boring.

The New Gallery pissed me off so much. The very first thing was this trolley with a TV screen showing some stupid image and a speaker making a really loud noise. It was so annoying and it made me really angry. The annoying noise echoed around the ground floor, ruining the rest of the art. Upstairs the annoying noise could still be heard, but it was partly obscured by a player piano that was playing various tunes. I managed to relax and take in more of the art upstairs than I had downstairs.

But when I left I realised that even though the horrible loud thing had all but ruined the New Gallery experience for me, I had experienced more of a reaction than I had at the quieter, nicer exhibit in the Art Gallery. And I like that.

On the way along Queen Street to the bus stop I picked up the best of Blur videos on DVD for very cheap. It serves two purposes. 1) A collection of Blue videos, most of which are really good. I especially like the one for “There’s no other way,” which magnificently visually represents the nothingness of the lyrics with a suburban family dinner. 2) Alex James porn. The floppy fringe, the cheekbones, the chain-smoking in the “Beetlebum” video. So cool, so hot.

I’ve also realised that if I were to see the Strokes when they perform at Big Day Out next year I might actually scream like a 14 year old. But that would be fun.

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