Static cling, pocket fluff and other troubles

I don’t normally put stuff in the pockets of my jeans, but yesterday I put a tube of lipstick in a pocket. Then today, when I was gathering up my clothes to put in the laundry basket, I was distracted and just put the jeans in the basket without checking the pockets.

When I picked up my washing from the Chinese laundry, the lady showed me the delightful sparkling dark golden smudges all over my clothes. Oh crap.

I’m going to have to retire a couple of tops, but fortunately my jeans aren’t too badly effected. The glitter is easy to get rid of, it’s the greasy base that’s going to be harder. I’m glad it was mostly fair cheap or old clothing, stuff like my gym gear that would have been replaced soon enough anyway.

But it really sucks to have to deal with a basket full of stained clothing.

As a pleasant distraction from the troubles of this world, here is a photo taken down at the local fruit shop:


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