A quarter scotch

I’ve finally figured out my ethnic background.

I’m seven-sixteenths English, a quarter Irish, a quarter Scottish and one-sixteenth parts unknown.

I’ve constructed this diagram to show the details:


On average, I’m a fourth generation New Zealander. That is, most of the time my great-grandparents were the first generation to be born in New Zealand after their parents migrated here. But both of my parents each have one grandparent (a) who was born in England, which makes me a third generation New Zealander down that path. And also one of my great-great-grandfathers – my mother’s mother’s mother’s father (b) – was born in New Zealand, making me a fifth generation New Zealander.

It’s also interesting to note that somewhere along the line one set of ancestors on each side of my family stopped off in Australia, had a baby, then moved on to New Zealand.

And then there’s the parts unknown person. The parents of my father’s mother’s mother’s mother left from somewhere in the British Isles and sailed to Australia, but where exactly they came from, no one knows…

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