Like, I totally relate to Li Mei on Shortland Street

Just as I get ADSL and have the potential to enjoy a faster interweb experience, I find myself working even more hours, meaning I have potentially 32 less hours to spend at home in front of my komputa. It doesn’t actually seem like I’m spending any less time online, but some have noted my apparent absence, including one enquiry as to whether I was dead (no, but my soul is, etc).

I’ve also given up ICQ, again. 90% of the message I was getting were from spammers, and my ageing komputa can’t handle basic message functions with the greatest of ease any more.

I have acquired a delightful party frock to wear to this NZ Idol shindig/extravaganza on Friday. Now all I need is some shoes, though the thought of buying nice shoes strikes fear into my soul.

Oh, perhaps it’s not dead after all.

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