Nightmare hippy world

The Big Idea, a New Zealand arts community website, sent out an email urging its users to complete a survey. I clicked on over to the survey page and was interested to see that the first question asked was the sex (or “gender” as they called it) of the user, and that the four options listed were:

Male (ok, cool)
Female (ok, cool)
Middlesex (Uh, a town in England)
Fa’afafine (Samoan Male transvestites)

I selected fa’afafine.

Sitting in the seat in front of me on the bus today was a poncho-clad hippy. Soon after he got on the bus he took out his bus ticket and wrote “09” and “021” on it. Intently looking out the window, his pen hovered over the ticket, ready to complete the phone numbers. Soon the bus passed a building with a number of phone numbers written on business signs. He quickly scribbled down two numbers, completing the 09 and 021.

What was the hippy planning to do with those phone numbers? Would he be giving them to the unwanted job interview Work and Income had set him up with? Brushing off an obsessive hippy chick? Pleasing his parents? Some day soon a florist and a real estate agent in Mt Eden will know the answer to this question.

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