Daylight saving ended and the next day my power bill arrived. It did indeed appear to be lower than my usage in darker months, so maybe this whole daylight savings thing does actually cause energy savings to be made (Or could it be that I just don’t use my heater in summer? Hmmm…). It was quite nice, having worked the late shift today, to finish work as the last of the sun was setting. Ah.

I watched “Campbell Live” tonight. It was rather good. I’ve never been much of a fan of the classic 7pm current affairs shows, but Campbell Live was interesting because John Campbell is a bit of a funny lad. He can be serious and do proper grown-up interviews when required, but he can also be a bit flippant.

It reminded me of previous great New Zealand television moments that combine the two – Joanna Paul and Belinda Todd on “Nightline”; Simon Dallow, Alison Mau and Marcus Lush on “Newsnight”. At the end of the show he introduced a segment where a serious actor sitting by a fireplace read an excerpt from Don Brash’s biography. Tomorrow he promised an excerpt from Helen Clark’s bio, and on Wednesday a discussion with Rove McManus about the delightful word whaka, plus there’s Jaquie Brown’s bits to come, and she’s cool.

I’m excited because Wagamama is coming to Auckland. It’s a supercool noodle restaurant. I had noodle there with Fennx0r in London, but it also comes highly recommended by Gwyneth bloody Paltrow, who reckons it’s an ideal first-date location. So there’s going to be Wagamama opening in the Metropolis building, being perfectly High Street and wanky.

Finally, here is a bit of amusement from the Polish language. These two phrases are pronounced pretty much the same:

Ser z Podlaskiej – From Podlaska district.
Ser spod laski – Cheese from under the cock (!)

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