Handling of the jandal, and other tropical delights

I went to Pasifika today. Walking to Western Springs, the weather had a bit of that autumn chill, but as soon as I got to Western Springs, it was hot, hot, hot – just like in the islands.

As I wandered around, I learned the following things, which surely did enhance my life as a citizen:

  • Immunise your kids.
  • Don’t set your house on fire.
  • Know your rights as a tenant.
  • Get some daily exercise.
  • Enrol to vote.
  • See a doctor if you’re really sick.
  • Don’t beat your kids.

Actually, I’m not to sure about that last point. I mean, when a slogan says “Kids are unbeatable”, is it anti-violence or pro-procreation (or both?)? And what does one make of a T-shirt that says “Physical Education – Can you handle da jandal?” Do kids who get smacked around grow up to be proud of this to the point of wearing a T-shirt about it?

As has happened in the past, I knew I’d reached the Niu Sila village when I heard a fellow singing a mediocre version of Bob Marley’s “Is This Love?” It was open-mike time on the stage, and people were invited to come up and sing the karaoke classic of their choice. I <3 New Zealand so much sometimes.

There were many food stands around the place, most of which were offering roughly the same selection of food. I noticed that chop suey, or sapasui, was a common menu item, as was potato salad, which might actually be called "mayonnaise". And to round off such a meal, there was a wide variety of those brightly colours fizzy fruit drinks that everyone loves.

Photos of the action are to be found here.

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