Go, the ‘Naki

I’m in the ‘Naki, New Plymouth to be exact. I’m currently in an “Internet Laundry”, typing this on a computer where the screen will only show half the pixels, in a sort of checkerboard effect.

I was thinking of all the places in Aotearoa that I hadn’t been to, and New Plymouth was one of them. Well, I’ve been here for a day in 1982 (or round about that time) and the only thing I remember was a tall brick chimney type structure, but I’ve not seen anything like this, so perhaps it was a false memory.

This Mt Egmont/Taranaki thing appears to be hiding in the cloud. I went up to the top of a tall car park building and attempted to look for it, but all I could see was some foothills shrouded in mists. Ooh.

Today I visited Puke Ariki, the visitor’s centre cum museum. It’s rather impressive. There was an exhibit to do with young design companies like Huffer, Dawn Raid, Illicit, Misery, Disruptiv etc. It was all focused around the fact that these companies are making money, and therefore the youth of Taranaki should look up to them or something.

New Plymouth is a lovely place. There’s a funny little vibe here, and the only way I can think of describing it is New Plymouth is the centre of the universe. Maybe it’s cos it’s the only part of New Zealand with oil (or something like that).

Since sitting down here, another customer has come in. He wants to use los Interweb, but the other two terminals are broken. So he’s just sitting there waiting for me to finish. He’ll just have to be patient.

Rumour has it that tomorrow the weather will be nicer and sunnier and I may even get to see this mountain thing sans cloud.

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