Holden on

I was down at the shops early today when I overhead a small boy and his mother who were waiting at the pedestrian crossing.

Boy: “That car’s been through the mud.”
Mum: “Which car?”
Boy: “That one.” (He points to a gleaming, spotless red car.)
Mum: “The shiny red one?”
Boy: “It’s a Holden.”

Oh, yes. One of those Holden fans. You can get Holden bed sheets, which I pray don’t come in any size bigger than single. But if NZDating is anything to do by, they probably do.

Yes, Holden lovers, for whatever reason, are all over NZ Dating. I once saw the profile of a nice young man who had been forced to put a warning on his profile that he would not respond to any lady who had “angel” or “Holden” in her profile.

A quick search reveals the following number of NZDating users have “Holden” somewhere in their profile:

Men: 230
Women: 140
Trans*: 0

* NZDating offers “trans” on the gender drop-down list, but I don’t know what it means. Transsexual? Transgender? Trans fatty acids? Oh, we can laugh, but if some Holden-loving trans fatty acids created a profile on NZDating, they’d have no shortage of replies.

I don’t suppose putting “public tranzport luvva” on your NZDating profile would do much.

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