The Shireless

I was over at the iTunes story searching for “Baby It’s You” by legendary 1960s girl group The Shirelles. Initially it didn’t seem to be there, but eventually iTunes found it, and I discovered that the search had been complicated because the group’s name had been incorrectly spelled The Shireless.

But this got me thinking. Like, wouldn’t it be totally awesome if there actually was a group called The Shireless?

The Shireless would be a group of aging British folk singers. Due to a run-in with the establishment in the ’60s, they have found themselves banned from residing permanently in any one shire, leaving them shireless.

So they band together, buy an old caravan and they drive from shire to shire, helping people in need, singing songs and – when they need petrol or cider money – painting houses at reasonable rates, before moving on to the next shire.

Of course, this would be an ideal premise for a TV show. Each episode would be set in a different shire, with The Shireless helping a different person (or people, because in today’s telly we like our multiple subplots). Each episode would also include The Shireless performing a classic 1960s girl group song in their unique folky style.

And The Shireless wouldn’t be restricted to England. In a two-part special, they visit the Ka’anapali Shire on Hawaii’s beautiful Maui island, where they swap their guitars for ukuleles and help some Hawaiians and tourists and perform a folky luau version of “Will you love me tomorrow?”, driving home the message about the importance of safe sex on vacation.

The Shireless would be an instant modern televisual cult classic, much like The Sopranos, Lost, Six Feet Under and Pop’s Ultimate Star.

Normally I’d charge thousands of dollars for my creative service fees to come up with such an idea for a TV show, but getting into the spirit of the interwebs 2.0, I am offering this idea to anyone under the spirit of creative commons.

I expect to see it remixed and on YouTube within a week.

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