Smile for the camera

I really dislike group photos – the kind where someone says, “Everyone gather together and we’ll all take a photo!” And then there’s camera swapping to ensure that everyone has their own version of everyone else standing around.

I was at my uncle’s 70th birthday party a few months ago and a large portion of the party seemed to be dedicated to herding everyone together, posing people in various combinations and taking photos to prove that, yes, on Saturday 5 April 2007, Robyn, Jeremy, Jane and Richard were all seated together on a couch in Waipu Cove, staring at a camera.

The group photo seems like a throwback to film cameras, where film, processing and printing cost money, so it was more economical to gather everyone together for one (1) group photos rather than taking multiple photos of people at the event.

I’m all about capturing the spontaneous mood of an event, as it naturally unfolds, rather than pushing everyone into a corner and demanding that they smile.

But down at the much more fun side of photography, my Moo StickerBook arrived today! OMG!

Moo specialise in making cool things from Flickr photos, and have just started making these sticker books. Now that I have a fat book of 90 stickers, I can dot the streets of Auckland with the little vinyl squares of my photographic works.

Moo sticker book

Moo stickers

7 thoughts on “Smile for the camera”

  1. My Aunt is terrible for taking group shots. She always makes all the “kids*” stand together and then forces us to stop shoving each other and get a photo taken.
    But even though she now has a digital camera it still takes her ages. Could she not just take heaps of photos and assume one will turn out fine????

    *We will always be the kids – ranging in ages from 10 – 30, even though 2 of us “kids” now have our own offspring**.

    **Not the band, although that would be AWESOME!

  2. If you did bring the Offspring along to a family get-together, I bet your aunt would make sure that she kept them separated.

    (Ho ho! Did you see what I did there?)

  3. Yes, yes indeed.

    Which reminds me – being that you appear to have listened to the same music as me whilst “growing up” do you remember “The Sweater Song”?

    Look how weird remember looks – is it even a word?

  4. It’s official title was “Undone – The Sweater Song”. I remember all the talking on it. The talking was possibly the coolest part.

    I commonly typo remember as rememeber. This is annoying. Remember has too many E’s in it!

  5. Oh no I realised (and by realised I mean googled) that it’s actually just called “The Sweater” and is in fact not the Weezer song “Undone”.
    However Weezer are one of my all time favourite groups.

  6. I am terrible at taking photos. I always forget to warn people, or give a count-down, so my album is full of people mid-blink or with their mouths open.

    Are you really going to stick your photos around Auckland? I shall keep my eyes peeled. Do we win a prize if we find one?

  7. If I can find a nice dry surface in a reasonably public place, I’ll stick one of my stickers on it. Though, knowing Auckland’s weather, dry places might be a little hard to come by.

    I’ll see if I can managed something on Ponsonby Road, pour vous.

    Prize = a sticker sheet from my Moo sticker book.

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