The Cure

I turned up at Vector Arena last night with teh Matt. There were queues and queues of people, many of whom were obviously ex-goths. The queue moved fast and we made it into the building, where we stocked up on beers.

We entered the arena and discovered that the band had actually started playing, and so we had to squeeze our way past a bunch of middle-aged people, along to our seats conveniently located in the middle of the row.

OMG – the seats were awesome. Front row, and around far enough for the stage to be on a good angle. (Chur, teh st00 for that.)

Matt had seen the Cure play in Prague in the ’90s (or so his memory leads him to believe) and I’d never seen them play. I wasn’t sure what they’d be like live, but there he was – Fat Bob, up on stage, playing his guitar.

I sent a Twitter update:

8.54pm Fat Bob is playing the spider man song. Robyn has had several beers. Going off.

It was a long concert – a good three hours. And when you’re drinking beer for that long, a loo break is needed. So we kept disrupting our fellow row-mates. I tried to time mine so I left at the end of a song. I waited until the end of a long, dull song, hoping the next one would be thematically similar, but no, it was “Friday I’m In Love”, dammit. Fortunately I made it back for “Just Like Heaven”.

I’m not a massive Cure fan, so I don’t know all their songs, but my impression was that they played a good mix of old ones and newer ones. I was pleased to hear “Wrong Number”, cos that’s a secret favourite of mine from 1997.

By the third encore, there’d been “Jumping Someone Else’s Train”, a rocked-up version of “Killing An Arab”, and then it all ended spectacularly with “A Forest”, which is probably the best Cure song ever.

So, thank you to Fat Bob and his Gothic Minstrels for a really excellent night.

I have a headache.

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