I started something

Over on PA System there was a discussion about the Rugby World Cup. There was mention that Justin Marshall felt that New Zealand rugby players weren’t showered with the same adulation that rugby players in England apparently are.

I commented, which was hilarious because I don’t actually know anything about rugby:

People haven’t moved into full-on “Justin is awesome!!!” hero worship yet because a) he’s still young and still playing, and b) he’s moved away from New Zealand so he’s not here any more.

In other words, you just haven’t earned it yet, baby.

Observant readers will notice that “You just haven’t earned it yet, baby” is also the name of a Smiths song. This was also noted on PA System, and triggered an avalanche of rugby-related Smiths song title rugby comments, which I will list here for posterity.

  • LegBreak: Keeping with the Smiths theme, perhaps last night Meg dreamt that someone loved him. Just another false alarm.
  • Che: well, this charming man will certainly be hoping to see los puma’s maul the french. strange days, here we come.
  • LegBreak: Che, You think the French might’ve started something they just couldn’t finish? That would paint a vulgar picture.
  • Che: leg, i know this conversation started as bigmouth striking again, but the world won’t listen to anything less than the pumas winning. and as for robyn starting this meme, sheila, take a bow.
  • kowhai: Oh Justin, we still love you, only slighty less that we used to…..
  • Russell: I guess Justin is just nostalgic for the days when he was the boy with the Thorne in his side…
  • Paul: It’s a stretch but on the day of the final, A Rush & A Push & the Land (Cup) Is Ours (enough of the Smiths, pleeeese!)
  • LegBreak: Stop me if You’ve Heard this one before, Justin’s just trying to ensure that his Light Never Goes Out.
  • Merc: It’s all a miserable lie and heaven knows he’s miserable now.
  • LegBreak: Oh MsGallagher, so much to answer for…
  • Joanna: You’re not the one for me, Rugby
    You’re not the one I really, really love…
  • Richard: Causing Meg to oscillate wildly …..
  • Danielle: I think I might be the sporting equivalent of Morrissey at his most morose. I am horribly worried about NZ teams in high pressure situations, and usually expect the worst. Yet I force myself to watch everything, in a frenzy of worry punctuated by moments of sheer terror and very occasional joy. It’s all quite stressful. Call me morbid, call me pale.
  • merc: People said you were easily led,
    were they half right?
  • LegBreak: One thing that concerns me is Graham Henry, and the headmaster ritual.
    He says its gonna happen now, When exactly does he mean? see we’ve already waited too long

This is probably the only Rugby World Cup related thing I’ll write. Heaven knows I’m, etc.

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