Werks of craft

I finally made it along to Craftwerk, a semi-regular alternative craft fair type event, usually held in St Kevin’s Arcade.

I mainly wanted to go along to see Annette’s Nut and Bee goodies. She’s been busy working over the last couple of year, turning her supercute designs into things like writing paper, badges, magnets, and Moo cards.

I was greeted with a table full of cuteness, and I picked out four fridge magnets, that now have a place on my fridge between the fish and Britney:

Nut and Bee magnets

I had a look around at the other crafters and their goods. There was some really cool stuff there, though it got a little repetitive seeing the common idea of getting an old thing, splitting it into pieces, and turning the pieces into earrings or pendants.

This crafting renaissance going on at the moment is encouraging. It seems that it’s another thing that’s really able to happen due to the internet bringing people together to, say, buy cool old plates with “Cunt” or “Dickhead” written on them.

I feel inspired! Maybe it’s time to get my subversive cross-stitchery going again.

One thought on “Werks of craft”

  1. Those Nut and Bee things are the cutest things in the world!!!
    Now I’m going to have to buy some magnets to give to people (ie Jessamine who will appreciate them) for Christmas!

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