Shamrocks and Shenanigans

It was St Patrick’s day, so I was on the look out for merriment. But I was most surprised when, on K Road, I spied what appeared to be a man wearing a Santa suit, complete with a long white beard. But he smelt like paint (had he been painting toys?) and he was staggering along the footpath. I looked again.

It turned out to be a guy wearing a baggy red tracksuit. The long white beard was created by him holding up a white T-shirt over his mouth and nose to help hide the bag he was inhaling solvents from (green paint, perhaps?).

Over at the over side of the colour wheel, there were plenty of people dressed in green and staggering down the footpath, participating in various kinds of St Patrick’s Day festivities.

I saw some guys, who sounded American, wearing those green plastic hats, which I associate more with American Irish (the madness of Boston) than Irish Irish.

The Belgian bar down Vulcan Lane seemed to be doing a roaring trade. Well, you know, beer, mashed potatties – who cares what country it’s from?

At work, there were scones with green whipped cream. They seemed to be quite popular, but the green was too much like that green food mould to stir my Irish blood.

Hey, how do Irish celebrate St Patrick’s Day? Not by dying everything they eat green, I’ll bet.

Here’s a cookie for ye.

How one celebrates St Patrick's Day, Part 1

6 thoughts on “Shamrocks and Shenanigans”

  1. Most boring St Pats eva. Stuck on a boeing 777 from Amsterdam to Ak for 22 hours and I couldn’t find a Guinness in SG at 6am. In Ireland they celebrated on the 15th ‘cuase the Catholick church won’t allow saints feasts to be celbrated in the week before easter. It was supposed to be the week after easter but they got a papal dispensation.

  2. No celebratory binge drinking for me this year.
    I didn’t even wear green.
    Instead I felt ill and drove home from Whangarei. Then I felt ill again.

  3. Martha: I think yelling and the Pogues are what is missing from Waitangi Day.

    Ferret: If you can stuff your face with chocolate at Easter, then I say it’s ok to celebrate St Patrick with booze a few days before. I’ll fax the Vatican.

    Mel: I hope your feeling of illness keep minimal over the next few months. And I hope that you can find an Easter treat that you’ll like!

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