Oh, No

For over a month, the top search term that’s showing up in my website stats has been “No Magazine”, which was the name of a theoretical magazine I made way back in 1994.

But it’s also the name of a new New Zealand magazine edited by Delaney Tabron and Fraser McGregor. I’ve had a flick through it and it looks good, and I was interested by Mikey Havoc’s interview with Tabron and McGregor on bFM last week.

It’s obviously generated a lot of excitement and people are googling it, looking for more information. But here’s the terrible thing: No Magazine doesn’t appear to have a website!

I’m not expecting a full-on webstravaganza like Metro magazine’s [old] website; just a basic website with information about what the magazine is, who’s behind it, what’s in the latest issue, how much it costs and where you can buy it – information that will let me blog about it. And that doesn’t take much effort or expense to set up or maintain.

But yet they haven’t done it and so all these interested, potential readers are instead finding their way to my 14-year-old ezine and probably feeling a bit annoyed.

If a magazine doesn’t have a web presence, does it even exist online?

6 thoughts on “Oh, No”

  1. This seems all wrong. Surely ‘No Magazine’ should have a website, but no actual magazine… what am i missing? (“a sense of humour” is a reasonable answer…)

  2. It can be spelt noh or no. It’s short for nogaku, which would normally be spelt no. The H is added so that English speakers will lengthen the O sound and not pronounce it like the English word ‘no’. (Nogaku is 能楽 in Japanese; no(h) is 能.)

  3. And indeed it is! It looks like it’s all but invisible to Google, probably because a) it’s mostly Flash so has very little searchable text, and b) because it’s so new, it hasn’t been linked to much (but this page should help with that).

    Searching for “no magazine” on Google gives this page as result #33, while nomagazine.co.nz is waaaay down the list at #177. Let’s hope that changes.

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