I got a new job. It’s still in the fast-paced world of television, but whereas my old job was the feel-good public service side of telly, the new job is more commercial – a different kind of feel-good. And while it’s about the telly, I’m going back to my roots, as the job is all about the interwebs.

So that’s all new and exciting, but what’s even more new and exciting is that the new job is located deep in the Hutt Valley, meaning I’m going to have to move to Wellington in a few weeks.

Fortunately I like Wellington and its fine citizens, so I’m excited about the move. But my knowledge of the city is nowhere near as great as my knowledge of Auckland (or Hamilton!). I don’t know what kind of reputation different suburbs have, what sorts of areas I should live in.

But that’s a way off. At the moment I’m in the process of packing. I’ve been living at my current flat for over six years now (six years!), the longest I’ve lived in a flat, so it’s been a bit of an archaeological expedition as I’ve gone through all the stuff in my spare room.

At first glance, it looked a bit like the work of some crazy lady who buys things off TradeMe but just biffs the unopened boxes in the room. But even though there was a chaotic mess, I knew where everything was cos, like, it was all organically arranged, man.

But still, I managed to find a few things that I didn’t realise I had:

  • A sticker reading “UTBNB: Up The Bum No Babies”. (I assume you can stick it anywhere you like.)
  • A teach-yourself book on Irish Gaelic.
  • A vast collection of postcards. I knew I had quite a few, but I didn’t realise how many until I gathered them all together.
  • A badge from the ’80s saying “Telecom – I ♥ my customers”. Yeah, they had to get badges made as a reminder.
  • Too many bags. I would not consider myself a bag-loving’ gal, but yet there they were – too many bags. How did this happen?

I suspect I’ve been throwing out more than I’ve been packing. It’s easy to pack obvious things like books, CDs, DVDs, but then I’ll find and old notebook or a folder full of interesting bits of paper and I’ll want to keep it, but wonder, as it’s been in a drawer, untouched for the last six years, do I really need to keep it?

This is why nuns are content and crazy TradeMe ladies aren’t.

17 thoughts on “Packing”

  1. We moved into our place in July and have yet to unpack many boxes that may have been moved 10 times and still not been unpacked. The hard thing is sentimental value as, even though you don’t “use” it, you still want to keep it.

    Also, moving is hard work.

    And if you do have a party I will drag my sick self to it.

  2. Actually, now I think about it, I’m not very pleased. I rather relied on you to fill in my vast ignorance as to what the ‘cool kids’ were up to in Auckland. Please decline the job offer and stay. Thanks ever so.

  3. Yes, come join us Robyn, join us, do …

    Congratulations. Maybe Martha can find you a nice little pad in swinging Petone?

    (Also, somehow this comment form thought I was ghet, which was a little odd).

  4. I want to have a farewell party, but I am rather devlopmentally retarded when it comes to organising parties. I mean, the last actual party I organised was in 1995 and it involved writing Cure lyrics on balloons.

    So I’m not sure how my party-throwing skillz are 13 years later. I suspect it might all just consist of a demand to show up at a designated bar. Yeah. Something like that.

  5. Smithy: Be your own cool kid.

    Stephen: I am tempted by Petone. Close to the city, but not too deep in the Hutt. And with such good local shops!

    Ferret: Yes, I’m going to miss that wall!

  6. Don’t most parties now days consist of inviting people (via Facebook) to show up at a bar/pub?

    Talking about parties – it is Harrison’s birthday on the 20th – if you are still going to be around let me know – it’s a Pirate Party. Arrrrr.

    Also saying “now days” makes me sound way older than I am.

  7. Nooo not Petone. It’s all pretentious cafes and kai shops during the day and then transforms into wandering drunken muntah central by 10pm.

    Head further out to Stokes Valley or Silverstream, it’s like living in a beautiful weird small town complete with bogans and halfway houses for the barely sane. I think you’d actually like NaeNae, it’s like Frankton.

    Mind you, the beach in Petone is pretty cool (for Wellington that is)..


  8. It would be great to welcome you to Wellington, but the Hutt Valley is very definitely not Wellington. It is the region’s equivalent of West Auckland — bogan country 🙂

    Seriously though, if you have a job in the Hutt, you are best to live there. It is quite a distance from Wellington, and Wellington’s famed public transport system is nowhere near as famed in the Hutt, which is a long ribbon of post-war housing along a river valley.

  9. Stace: Naenae! You’re scaring me. Though, looking at rentals on TradeMe, it looks like I could get a three bedroom house with a garden and garage for little more than what I’m paying in Auckland for a two-bedroom place. But I never really liked Frankton…

    Poneke: Perhaps when I say “Wellington”, I really mean “the greater Wellington area”? I know Wellingtonians don’t like being mixed in with the Hutt Valley, but I’m ignorant. It’s all in the 04 area code! And thanks for the location advice. I’m learning.

  10. I reckon, no deeper into the valley than Petone, or Alicetown at a pinch. Also some of the western hillside suburbs are nice and some are not. However, c. a. r. p. o. o. l! Srsly :))

  11. Don’t go past Petone. Or we can’t let you into the Wellingtonista.

    I’ve never been to Alicetown, but if I was to base my opinion of it based on a bar called Alice, I’d it was adoreable and tiny and full of little tea cups and vanilla vodka/peppermint tea/rosewater cocktails.

  12. There’s a nice little delta formed by the Hutt River, State Highway 2 and the harbour, and that consists of Petone and Alicetown. I think that is the limits of the Hutt Valley for me.

    I’ve been to Alice! It was an unusual yet delightful evening, and that’s also what I think of when I think of Alicetown. (Though I suspect the suburb isn’t nearly as much fun.)

  13. My advice for living in Wellington is get a sunny house. You will wish you had one when winter comes. I would suggest Mt Vic or Mt Cook, but since you will be travelling (training?) out to The Land o’ Bogan each day, I would suggest finding a wonderful little place in Thorndon that gets some sun. I lived there, and loved it. However my house was not that sunny and you could see your breathe in the living room while both the gas heater was on full and there were 6 logs on the fire simultaneously. But to me, Thorndon is pretty much my perfect little suburb. That said, a good part of the reason I moved to Auckland this year was because I didn’t want to spend another winter in Wellington.

    Good luck with that! I hope you have some thermals!

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