We always hang in a buffalo stance

Simon at The Opinionated Diner posted this old Peter Urlich music video, from a time in 1989 when Urlich was being pop/funk act called B Cup:

The song isn’t really worth listening to, but I found myself strangely drawn to the non-Urlich visuals in the video: shots of downtown Auckland, people drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, sleek yet full late ’80s hair, hoop earrings, Lycra. It’s all very “Look at me! I am being very urban! I am cool!”

I was about 14 when this video was shot, and this was the life I coveted. Stuck in rural Hamilton, I dreamed of living in a art deco flat in Auckland, with a media job, and I’d get to go to parties and meet interesting people. (It’s that naive teenage thinking that says fulfilment comes from a checklist.)

It’s not like I consciously pursued that, but it all eventually happened. Last year I realised that all my 1989 dreams had come true. As soon as I realised that, I knew something had to change, and that’s one of the reasons I got a new job and moved to Wellington. I mean, who wants to live a 14-year-old’s dream life?

9 thoughts on “We always hang in a buffalo stance”

  1. That is the WORST SONG EVER!

    I like the shots of the city though. We moved to Ponsonby around 1988 and I have these cool home videos of us standing out on the street and you can see the city in the background. Or should I say – what city? Hehe 🙂

  2. With the Gloss pilot now available on-line I have been comparing it with my memories of the original. What I noticed immediately was how whereas the Gloss offices and staff seemed to thirteen-year-old me impossibly fast-paced and full of backbiting they now seemed not that much different from where I work. This comparison does not encompass the clothes and hair, however.

  3. Kyla: Isn’t it just *awful*? I’d rather listen to those robot-vocal R&B songs. And I love the way the Auckland skyline looked in those pre-Sky Tower days. There was no homing beacon, so the city felt bigger.

    Sue: Wellington has me in its grip! Eeee!

    Kowhai: Biggest fear – wot if we can’t escape our childhood dreams!

    H-bizzy: My workplace is also sometimes like Gloss, but in different ways. Still not the clothes and hair, though.

  4. Interesting (but better with the sound turned down). Like a moving version of Cha Cha mag – most of the self-consciously fashionable aspects of inner Auckland that outsiders love to hate. But who knew Hinemoa Elder could dance?

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