daisy-dollDaisy was an English fashion doll, a shorter, less busty version of Barbie, designed by Mary Quant. I had one because my mother thought she was ‘nicer’ than Barbie, which made Barbie seem like a filthy ho who could corrupt me.

I had this outfit, the Gymkhana. It’s horsey. Someone bought this for me thinking I’d like it because it was horse related. The soft plastic of the boots cracked and the jacket never quite sat right. She didn’t even have a shirt under the jacket.

Daisy was stuck in the ’70s, with big chunky platform shoes that were not cool. And her limbs were attached using rubber bands that would break. Poor Daisy.

A few years later I moved to the world of Barbie. People say Barbies have unrealistic body shapes for girls, but she was taller, like me. And she had better clothes.

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