Well helo there how rser oyu all we certainly did have good time at the SUMMER GFAMILY FUN FAY !((*!!!!. It was at RAGLAND BEACH AND A GOOD TIME WAS HEAD BY ALL!!
It was good too see a good tuen our from theFIARFELD VALLEY BAPTITS CHURCH!! And there was a mini van of people who came down from AUCKLAND to see hwat life is like SOUTH OF THE BOM BAY'S!!!
Plus also joiing us was out SPONSOR!!! Keith Flinton from ijump internet (good guys give them al call!!! :))) and his daughter Kylie and "Lemon" who works at the office too.
so what did we do well we had a barbeque and that was with the suasage that KEITCH managed to give us from ijump internet and we were cooking them but a police man came and told us: "NO FIRED ON THE BEACH PLEASE" so we had to put out the barbeque (even thought it was a gas barbeque (G))
My son DEAN MCKAY and some of his mates went for a walk around the beach and they said they were going to have a game of BEach crichket but I think that the were smoking herbal ciargetters too! Naighty naughty!!!
My daughter Sharee and Kylie Flinton looked after the kids (INCLUDING MY LVELY GRANDDAGUTHER MIRHAIAH MCKAY_WATSON) and they took them for s swim in t he water but Keith was helping out with te Kidiies too

Then i saw keith swimming in the BEAUTIFUL TASMAN OCEAN so I decided to put on my speedo's and join him and what do you know happened? YEs "whoops" Keith's togs had got ripped off (Ragland beach is a surf beach and it can get a bit rough) and there was keith IN THE NUDE!!!

Well we had a bit of a feel around in the water (for them) but they were not to be found so i went to the shore and grabbed a towel for Keith (it was my lovely wife doreen's towel her mother had brought back from hawaii and she wasn't to happy with getting sand on it!!! sorry doreen my love one day i will take you to hawaii to make up to you)

So there was KEIth with no togs and a towl and he was getting dressed and a funny thing happened. What it was was that Keith's daugther Kylie went to his car to get something and what did she find? There was Keith's togs and they were in his bag and they were dry and she said they hadn't been worn because they still smelled like Persil Automatic!!!!

Well I don't know what was going on there!!!! :):):):)

Then old unclue Brucie (me) got out my guitar an d we had a good old kiwi singalong. We were singing "JESUS is a rock" and "Kumbayah my lord" and "Do the lococmation" and other songs that we all knew.
My mate Deniis from my CHURch (to pbloke he is) had a bit of a 'word" with the Lemon chap becauseh e was being a bit of a bad boy and he was walking aroudn with no clothes on now i Know this beach is a "Nudist Beach" that is a beah where it is "ok" to wear no clothes but Lemon was walking around with no clothes on and Denis said to him "There are woman and children on this beach and they no not wish to se you walking around with your member hanging out!!!!" so Lemon put his togs on and let me tell you THEY LEFT LITTLE TO THE IMAGINEATION!!!!
Well that is about all and I think that Keith Flinton from IJUMP has also got an internetp age and this is the "URL" for it CLCIK HERE!!!
Niw I bet you are thinking "that sounds like fun and I wish I had gone " well don't worry becasue there will be another one!!! soon something this summer!!!
Pplus it should be mentioned that this is ttook part with the GENROUS HELP of Keith Flinton and IJUMP INTERNET!@!!! Yes keith genrously denoated some sausages that they had lying around in the freezer at work!!! "Thank you IJUMP INternet!!"